Hi!  So, this idea is a few years in the making.  We had to wait for Violet to get old enough to participate, and for me to (stop being lazy) do the research and gather ideas.  My inspiration came from 2 ideas floating around the internet.  First, The Advent Calendar of Physics, a website that posted a formula every day in December leading up to Isaac Newton’s birthday (Christmas).  Second, A Book a Day Advent, where families read a different Christmas book every day leading up to the holiday.

So here’s the plan.  Every day December 1st-24th we’ll be picking a card from our Advent Calendar of Science.  On it, there will be a book to read (mostly fun children’s science books) and an activity to do.  The activities will be preschool appropriate science experiments and Christmas decoration making (with a sciency theme).  Plus some Christmas cookie making!  (That’s measurements and chemistry, right?!)

We’re super excited, I hope you have fun following along!

Tomorrow, I’ll post the books list and links to the activities if anyone wants to participate along with us 🙂  About half we had in our collection, and the other half I checked out from the library.